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Writer's Block: Prophecy or Fallacy?

Happy birthday, Nostradamus. Many people consider the prophecies of Nostradamus to be uncannily accurate, while others remain skeptical. Do you think it's possible to predict the future?
This question actually entails many other questions. first, you have to define the "future", and create an opinion of time. For anyone who's ever read einsteins work, you know that there have been efforts to prove the inexistence of time, that we live in only space and gravity. That everything is "relative". None of these arguements have been proven however, but if you look into them with an open mind, you'll see they are the start of a phenomenal idea. That is purely the scientefic aspect, though. You can move onto the philisophical standpoint. I am here right now, but what is now. Whatever i just wrote was written in the past by now. But when do i catch the present, when can i identify it? If you wish to believe there is a future and a past in refrence to physical time, then you cannot believe in the present. But one must accept the existence of the present, or else ones own existence is impossible. Therefore, we are stuck in the "present".
so back to the question, of course someone can go ahead and predict the future. i can predict that when my clock says 3:10 i will have resumed my research on empiricism. And someone can make a logical infrence to what they believe will happen in the generation after them, and so on, based on cause and effect mindset. But i don't believe that one can recieve a complete vision of the future, in a dream or precognition, simply because it does not exist. In psychology there is the study of deja vu where you're brain works faster than you are and tricks you into thinking you've experienced something twice, but that's about it.
I'm still working on an opinion of something like this, though. Throughout writing this i can't help but be reminded of a story my mother once told me. Before she left for this country her and her mother visited a gypsy that live in their city. she read my mothers fortune and told her that she'd have everything in her life taken away, and that she'd lose her mother tragically, but she would also bear a beautiful black haired baby. Which was peculiar because my mother never wanted children and everyone in her family was blonde.
Well, needless to say, it all came true. I pity my mother, she should have listened to the gypsy.


Think about it, why do we put make up on for school, ladies? When you walk in the hallways do you really notice what the other girls have on their faces? And if you don't, what makes you think they do. So what's the point. Funny thought in Chem.

My veiw on the nature of voting

(i originally wrote this on myspace, posted it on facebook, recieved more than 100 replys and figured why not try it here. it was written the night before the election, but if you read carefully, you'll see this is not really about the election at hand, or the one that was.i invite you to look me up on facebook [ericka labrada] to see what people had to say.)

The presidential election is upon us, so today I perused the Internet for some last minute information to alter my opinion which won't count anyway. While doing so I had a disturbing, however inspiring conversation with my mother.

"You know, I can never find any information on Joe Biden. I bet if he was from Hawaii or something I could because he'd be all over the media like the Palinator."

"Who's Joe Biden?"

"...he's running for Vice President with Obama..."


"So who are you voting for mom?"

"The other one!"

"The other one what, could you please make a coherent statement or something?"

"That guy...Maine...you know, not the black guy...Mcain!"

"Oh really, 2 months ago you said that there was no way you wanted a republican in the white house and that you'd completely vote for Obama."

"Well Axels dad printed out some information about how Obama isn't a citizen and some other things and changed my mind."

"Did you even have an opinion, or for that matter a clue, to begin with?"

"Okay to tell you the truth i can't vote anyway, i forgot to register."


The fact that it is quite possible that half the population is like my mother worried me, for 2 reasons; one, because people don't vote and still believe they have the right to complain and two, because these people who know nothing of the happenings of the world are allowed to vote.

For a long time I've always thought of Electoral College as being a ridiculous asset to society. But this conversation with my mother put a sort of consolidated stamp of approval on it. I think it'd be detrimental to society if ALL people (meaning those that vote based on skin, gender, because they don't like the other one, or eeny meeny miney moe) directly affected the decision of president. I like to say that i am fairly democratic. And in a democracy, citizens directly affecting the government would be the ideal. But it doesn't work, as Jefferson said, unless it is in a small more rural society. Our country has grown and expanded so much that, democracy virtually cannot work and in a very small scale is just as delerious as communism. I think that i am democratic in that i believe that it is the attitude that the people should carry. but as far as the actual government is concerned, I have more of a belief that the structure should challenge the people, so that when we the people can accomplish what we want with the government it will be earned, not handed to us as it has been with our present generation, and not for those with a weak spirit to mangle and mutilate it.

As I was saying as far as Electoral College goes, first my opinion was that it was unfair to the people. But after speaking to my mom i realized that is used to protect the citizens from themselves.

Eventually, an evolution mindset flooded my brain and i began to think, if the people constantly picked a poor candidate every 4 years due to ignorance, uninformity or simply stupidity, but that there was an upper enchelon of people considered to be better able to make decisions to "fix" the decision of the people, whether they be good or bad, doesn't that really only make the government based off what a few higher up people believe is beneficial to the millions more? Now, i'm beginning to sound as if i'm a "over powered central government conspiracy" protester, but allow me to get closer to my point. Now every four years this happens, this population of mislead, uninformed people is growing while their intelligence is doing just the opposite. So basically, people are becoming stupider while the smaller percentage of people make their decisions for them. Something like that can only end in shambles. And eventually the people will be nothing but dolls.

So my theory is now that we shouldn't have an electoral college. Not because i find it unfair to the people, but because i find it to disrespect evolution. If the people are not smart enough to make decisions based on fact and logic, why should this society (when i say "this society" i mean a theoretical one) continue to exist. Eventually this society would die out, for lack of a better term. Some say that is a harsh outlook, especially for the people that are intelligent and logical. However, it takes more than intellect to deserve a government. And political instability has always been merely an excercise to test the peoples commitment to the regulation of their government. If these people worthy of a good government can fight and band together to earn it, they finally deserve it. And if they fail, this society will crumble just as it deserves. Many can find that cynical, but when it comes to the big picture I have a more cold veiwpoint. Little things in life, the smallest emotional influence takes the biggest affect on me. However, this attitude cannot be kept when speaking of an entire nation.

I continued the discussion with her boyfriend, who is a clearly a MCcain supporter, to possibly get my mind changed in any way possible. Instead of advocating MCcain's principles, I found myself in an Obama massacre, mainly centered around the fact that he is not a citizen. I'm not a giant Obama supporter, but the fact that the only way that people can support a candidate is by trash talking the other leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. It was a pretty lengthy discussion and i left knowing nothing about mccain.

Many who support Obama are people of my age, who "seek change". Obama's ideals seem favorable, but like everything else, must be further analyzed. A friend of mine did so for me, and after a long explination of political, economic and social policies, i am further torn.

I wish i could be more clever in my closing paragraph, but so much thought has run through my mind in the last 6 hours that all i want is a cup of tea. My main point in this blog was the incapability of the public to make decisions, the increase in stupidity, and the fact that we take government for granted. I think i will start blogging more about my thoughts, especially since i've started to have some bad short term memory loss.

so, you tell me.